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We are strategically positioned to develop a technology infrastructure from the ground up – monitoring and measuring the implementation at every phase or supplementing an IT project at any stage in its life cycle. We work closely with our customers as partners, we deliver and implement innovative software services across a wide range of technology and platforms

Ennovia Offers:


Application Development
ENNOVIA's Application Development practices activate the customer to maximize their applications ROI. Understanding your business processes, identify the right technology for you and implement them in an innovative way is our perspective of application development service.


Application Management & Operation
Ennovia analyze the growing need for integrated Operations and Applications Management and real time transaction monitoring of any organization. ennovia offers mostly sophisticated and intelligent application management and operation Services aimed at transforming the Operations and IT as a source of solution.


Database Management & Maintenance
Database is the key for any organization. Better management, maintenance and availability of database help organization to take any king of decision. Ennovia understand that important and offers minimum fall tolerant, better management of any king database for any kind of business organization.


Infrastructure Planning & Implementation
Every medium to large organization has a significant investment in technology infrastructure. Hardware, software, power system, bandwidth, and human resource. Ennovia understand that importance and explore their needs closely working with them. Ennovia find out the best suitable, cost effective, high ROI infrastructure for them.


Ennovia ERP solutions helps organization in a wide arena of sub sectors automate, plan, collaborate, and execute according to their unique business requirements. Sophisticated accounting,financial solutions,manufacturing software capabilities right out of the box for organization. We also provide customization as organization specifications.


Ennovia CMS brings together collaboration, content, and process technologies into an integrated solution that captures ideas, experiences,knowledge and manages the complete life cycle of electronic content from creation to archive and eventual deletion. ECMS helps organization to take better decisions faster by managing content, optimizing processes and gain true value from business content. With ECMS, you can control the cost and risk of content, make processes more agile, and empower people to make better decisions.


Software Quality Assurance Ennovia offers software testing of your application across multiple platforms, environments. We provide a combination between professional SQA consultants and different environments for quality of the products.



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